AG平台 【English 中文】24-Hour Dongguan View of COVID-19 战“疫”24小时
AG平台 【English 中文】24-Hour Dongguan View of COVID-19 战“疫”24小时
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▲A doctor is heating up the goggles at Dongguan Ninth Hospital, Even though we couldn’t recognize him/her, this scene is really touching. Photo by Dongguan Ninth Hospital

▲虎门高铁站,文广旅体局抗疫小分队队员们在执勤一段时间后,相互之间需进行消毒。 曹永富 摄

Photo by Zheng Lindong

▲工作人员为地铁2号线的列车进行消毒,以保障市民的安全出行。张村城 摄

▲Government staffs are providing guidance to passengers at the exit of Humen Railway Station. Photo by Cao Yongfu

▲“Mom, if I can't hug you, please let me dance for you!" The mother squatting on the steps is Feng Jiayu, a nurse working in the front-line during the epidemic outbreak. Her daughter comes to visit her outside the designated dormitory and she doesn’t let her girl get close, for she is worried that there might be a virus on herself. So Daughter Fei proposes a dance for her mother as a birthday present.

▲“妈妈,如果不能抱你,请让我为你跳支舞!”蹲在台阶上的妈妈名叫冯嘉蕙,是东莞一名战“疫”前线的医务人员,她担心身上可能有病毒,不让来驻地看望她的女儿靠近。女儿小菲提出为妈妈跳一段舞蹈做生日礼物。 视频截图


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▲How are the waste masks disposed? The waste masks are collected and disinfected for over three times to avoid secondary pollution. During the epidemic outbreak, cleaning workers shoulder great responsibility to be our daily heroes. Photo by Cheng Yongqiang



▲At the quarantine station of the exit of Guangzhou-Shenzhen Highway in Nancheng District, staffs on duty are having a quick meal. Photo by Cao Xueqin

By recording every single hour of a day



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24-Hour Dongguan View of COVID-19

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▲广深高速南城石鼓出入口联合检疫站,执勤人员简单解决午饭。 曹雪琴 摄

▲“响应抗疫不堂食AG平台,欢迎打包”AG平台,商铺在入口处贴上醒目的暂停堂食标识。 程永强 摄

▲A Doctor at Dongguan Ninth Hospital is doing check-ups for a patient. Photo by Dongguan Ninth Hospital

This time

▲东莞市第九人民医院AG平台,医护人员为患者做相关检查。 九院 供图

Dongguan is like a forever ticking clock

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▲市中医院消毒供应中心全体人员赶制防护面屏,缓解医院库存紧缺问题。汤令群 摄

▲At Humen Railway Station, members of the Anti-epidemic Work Team of Municipal Agencies took off their protective clothing to get off work.Photo by Cao Yongfu

This city is filled with busy people everywhere

▲虎门高铁站出站口,工作人员为地面进行消毒。 曹永富 摄

▲Employees are working at Dongguan Techtronic Industries Company Limited. While fighting against the virus, companies in Dongguan are resuming work gradually according to the rules and regulations.Photo by Zheng Jiaxiong

▲虎门高铁站,市直机关抗疫工作队队员脱下防护服准备下班。 曹永富 摄

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with touching stories happening every moment

We focus on the heroes who are fighting at the front line


▲虎门高铁站出站口,市直机关抗疫工作队队员为旅客提供指引。 曹永富 摄


▲市区地标建筑的LED屏亮起吉祥红献上新春祝福,并通过宣传标语“答应我,过年宅在家好吗?”“安安静静做个健康小胖”等向广大市民宣传防疫知识。 郑琳东 摄

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In the battle against the COVID-19

▲Workers are disinfecting the ground at the exit of Humen Railway Station Photo by Cao Yongfu

▲Tens of thousands community workers are purchasing articles of daily use and food for people who are taking medical observation at home. They have left their footprints at departments, rental properties, stores and blocks, etc.Photo by Dongguan Municipal Smart Grid Office

▲东莞市第九人民医院,医护人员给即将出院的患者进行健康宣教。 九院 供图

▲Workers from the Disinfection Supply Center of Municipal Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital are making protective screens to alleviate the shortage of hospital inventory.Photo by Tang Lingqun

▲At Humen Railway Station, members of the Anti-epidemic Squad of Dongguan Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting, Television, Tourism and Sports need to disinfect each other after a period of duty. Photo by Cao Yongfu

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▲Ambulance at the gate of Dongguan Ninth Hospital (Dongguan Designated Hospital for COVID-19 Patients) witnesses the busy work of doctors and nurses at the front line. Photo by Dongguan Ninth Hospital

▲Staffs are disinfecting Metro 2 to ensure the safety of citizens. Photo by Zhang Cuncheng


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Doctors and nurses

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▲东莞市第九人民医院,一名医护人员打开电暖炉给护目镜加温。虽然看不清TA的样子,但是画面定格的瞬间让人动容。 九院 供图

▲A doctor is offering health suggestions to a patient who is going to be discharged from the hospital. Photo by Dongguan Ninth Hospital

▲东莞市第九人民医院,3名新冠肺炎确诊患者出院。 蓝业佐 摄

▲3 patients are recovered and discharged from Dongguan Ninth Hospital.Photo by Lan Yezuo

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▲At the intersection of Dongguan-Shenzhen Highway, a volunteer is taking the temperature of the driver of a passing vehicle.Photo by Ou Dipeng

▲战"疫"当前,东莞近万名网格员在行动。他们为居家医学观察群众购买生活用品、运送食品等事情,足迹遍布居民楼、出租屋、小商铺、楼盘小区等场所。 市智网办 供图

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▲On February 15, a policeman stood in heavy rain to do his duty at the joint quarantine station at the entrance and exit of Shigu, Nancheng, Guangzhou-Shenzhen Highway. Front-line workers work hard to build the first line of defense for epidemic prevention.Photo by Zheng Lindong

▲废弃口罩怎么收运?最终去了哪里?记者发现,废弃口罩收运至少消杀三次。统一收集、统一处置,收集、转运均进行了消杀处理,避免二次污染。抗击疫情期间,环卫工人用坚守与担当诠释着另一种“逆行”。程永强 摄

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▲A doctor is walking in Dongguan Ninth Hospital. These doctors and nurses, who are on call all the time, are angels in white and guarders for patients. Photo by Dongguan Ninth Hospital

▲The LED screens on the landmark buildings in the CBD of Dongguan light up New Year Wishes in auspicious red, and also epidemic prevention signs "Promise me, stay at home during the Chinese New Year" and "Be a quiet healthy chubby".

▲广深高速虎门太平出口,当人们沉浸在梦乡时,抗疫执勤人员还在坚守工作。 莫漫 摄

▲东莞市第九人民医院(东莞定点救治新冠肺炎患者医院),停靠在门口的救护车见证着一线医护人员的忙碌。 九院 供图

▲At the exit of Humen North Station of Guangzhou-Shenzhen Highway, an officer received a box dinner.Photo by Wu Jianwen



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▲东莞市第九人民医院,一名医护人员行走在病区走廊。他们随叫随到,既是白衣天使,更是患者的守护神。 九院 供图


▲东莞创机电业制品有限公司的员工正在工作。按照有关要求,在坚决打赢疫情防控阻击战的同时,各类企业安全有序复工复产。 郑家雄 摄



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原标题:【English 中文】24-Hour Dongguan View of COVID-19 战“疫”24小时

▲“Take-out rather than eat-in is recommended during the epidemic period.” Shops put a conspicuous sign of “no eat-in” at the entrance.Photo by Cheng Yongqiang

▲At the critical moment of epidemic prevention, on February 9th, 15 medical staff from 14 hospitals gathered quickly overnight to form the second batch of Dongguan medical team to support Hubei. Photo by Zheng Jiaxiong

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▲At the Taiping Exit of Guangzhou-Shenzhen Highway in Humen Town, staffs are on duty while people are asleep. Photo by Mo Man

▲2月15日,大雨滂沱,在广深高速南城石鼓出入口联合检疫站,执勤民警坚守岗位。为守护人民群众的生命安全和身体健康,抗“疫”一线工作人员,不顾暴雨恶劣天气继续奋战,尽职尽责筑牢疫情防控“第一道防线” 。 郑琳东 摄


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▲广深高速虎门北站出口,一位执勤人员领取盒饭准备用餐。 吴建文 摄

From morning to

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▲阻击疫情到了紧要关头,东莞再次吹响集结号。2月9日,来自我市14家医院的15名医护人员,连夜火速集结,组成了东莞第二批援助湖北医疗队。 郑家雄 摄

▲东深路高速路口,志愿者为过往车辆的司乘人员测量体温。 欧迪鹏 摄

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